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About Katy Becker

Katy Becker (b 1991) is a Richmond based artist who received her BFA in 2013 from Virginia Commonwealth University's Painting and Printmaking department. Her work is inspired and informed by landscape, environment, and the countless number of fantasy novels read as a child. Since her time in school, Becker's work has shifted from printmaking abstracted, atmospheric monotypes to detailed and realistic watercolor landscapes, most of which are directly inspired by the routine walks she takes in the city with her son. A wife and mother, she spends her days caring for her growing family whilst stealing away time to paint. Becker divides studio time between her ongoing project of painting the alleys of Richmond and taking on commissions from various clients. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children, baking, entertaining friends and attempting to keep the house plants from dying. 

Artist Statement for Passages, on display at the Highpoint (November 30 2018- February 8, 2019)

Passages is an ongoing series inspired by my time spent meandering the alleys in the Fan and Museum District, where I live. As I walked, I fell in love with the almost wild, untamed beauty of these back streets; hidden gems within old, historic neighborhoods. The title refers to the two ideas that informs this body of work; the spaces in-between locations and the passage of time. Physically, alleys are narrow roadways linking the backs of buildings; passages to unnamed and unpaved streets filled with trashcans, fences and backdoors. Although these roadways have existed for nearly over a century, each time a person walks through and views an alley the experience differs depending on the weather, time of day and season. To convey these variances, each watercolor in the series depicts a different month through the course of a year. Passages is the culmination of my personal observances of Richmond whilst considering the quiet poetry residing in the potholes, power lines, bricks, and cobblestones of these alleyways. 

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